2015 Best Albums

ENSHINE - Singularity

GRAVEWORM - Ascending Hate

LAPIS LAZULI - The Downfall Of Humanity

LEAVES' EYES - King Of Kings

MECHINA - Progenitor


PENUMBRA - Era 4.0

AMORPHIS - Under The Red Cloud


WEEPING SILENCE - Opus IV - Oblivion

2015 Top 10 SynthPop

2015 Top 10 SynthPop

N°1 Neuroticfish - The Creep

N°6 Disjecta Membra - Death by


N°2 Mind Driller - Escape

N°7 Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Quest For The            Golden Fleece

N°3 Ruined Conflict - Labeled Enemy

N°8 Unheilig - Schleichfahrt

N°4 Intent Outtake - Belüge Mich Nicht

N °9 Diary Of Dreams - Sinferno

N°5 Essence Of Mind - The Other Side

N°10 Tanzresonanz - Open Your Eyes

This ranking is largely inspired by the listeners vote. Thank you ALL.

2015 Top 30 Goth & Metal

N°1 Enshine - Dual Existence

N°2 Amorphis - Death Of A King

N°17 Leaves' Eyes - Halvdan The Black

N°3 Moospell - Breathe (Until We Are No


N°18 The Temple Dark - Sorrow Save Me

N°4 Paradise Lost - No Hope In Sight

N°19 Lithos Sarcophagos - The Guidestones

N°5 Draconian - Rivers Between Us

N°20 Cat As Trophy - To Die Alone

N°6 Penumbra - Eerie Shelter

N°22 Tearless - As She Leaves Me All Alone

N°8 Berserker - Dark Worlds Collide

N°23 Dawn Of Oblivion - Catherine Wheel

N°9 Weeping Silence - Ivy Thorns Upon    

         The Barrow

N°10 Annysia - Nephilim

N°11 Mechina - The World We Lost

N°12 Merciful Nuns - Occvltation

N°13 Shape Of Despair - The Distant

           Dream Of Life

N°14 Catalepsia - Deimos

N°15 Lapis Lazuli - Stay With Me

N°24 Dreamtime - Release

N°25 Reakt[ion] - The Last Regret You'll    

           Ever Have

N°27 The Stompcrash - Mirrors

N°28 Star Industry - Selling Icons

N°29 Lycia - Monday Is Here

N°30 Angels Of Liberty - Death To Wake Up

This ranking is largely inspired by the listeners vote. Thank you ALL.

N°16 Lust Era - Left to be Born

N°21 Minimorum - The Huge Doom City

N°7 Graveworm - Stillborn

N°26 Inner Missing - November Ghosts