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- Dear Billy Thank you very , very much for all the hours , days and years of playing music I love . I will miss the beautiful noise you played , instead of listening to the mainstream shit . Maybe it is hard to believe, but for me , as a 69 old asshole you were the only station which played the music I love. I have to find me another station , but i will remember you as a kind of guide in Gothic and metal-land and i will thank you for that. Thanks , my friend , this hurts. JaaP (Nederland)

- We miss you. Your music was the BEST I've ever heard. Don't give up and don't leave us. Olaf (Deutschland)


- Oh no no !!!! I don't want to, I don't agree !!!! How To Live Without Radio Goth-N-Metal? I can't imagine it. Big sadness. So many inspirations, so many musical discoveries, so many musical love - all thanks to you. So many notes on my blog were created owing to the inspiration of your music. There is no other radio like that. I will miss you forever.

Thanks very much, Radio G’N’M. The last year of my fighting disease has been easier thanks to you. It was you who gave me strength. Your music. I will always remember that. Joanna (Poland)

- This is the only radio station I love and listen with the most beautifull music all day and night. Thank you for all the music you bring to me all these years. I'm gonna miss you very much!. Serra (Netherlands)


- Bil, you're a great dude. For the last five years I've been listening to ONLY all your bullshit! Where are you going? Max (Russia)

- Hello , it will be a dark Day when this awesome Metal Station never exist. Thank you so much for the long Time of inspiration and perfekt Gothic Music. Tom (Germany)

- Please Noooo !!! The only radio i listen to and which plays the Music i love old and new, since The Dark Wave Show every wednesday on RML lebanon then Dark NRJ then this Amazing Goth'N'Metal Radio playing this music 24 hours a day everyday, there is no other Radio ever like that. Hard to believe, this hurts a lot, very sad. i will miss forever, thanx a lot for all the hours, days and years for playing the songs i love i wish you all the best and all your dreams come true, stay healthy and take care. Marc (Germany)

- That's too bad. There is no single radio which plays the style like you do. Decennial Gothica plays too much female fronted, but your radio was a good mix of all worlds... De-M-oN (Germany)

- Why, what will we do without this channel? My first job is opening this channel, every morning. Bilal (Turkey)

- Hi Billy, i hope you are ok, i love this radio and i listen to it all day every day. Thank you so much my dear friend. Luis (Perú)

- Grosse tristesse d'apprendre que cette radio va disparaître, beaucoup de groupes découverts grâce à toi, beaucoup de temps à "shazamé" et même d'enregistrement pour la voiture. Cyriaque (France)

- Thank you for introducing me into some great new bands. Stations like this are VERY hard to find. Not quite sure what I'm going to listen to after the 31st.... Cheers!. Bernard (UK)

- Thank you so much for the wonderful music you have played for us over the years. You have help me through some difficult times. I will miss this radio. Gabriele (Italy)

- What a great sadness today. I thank you for the hours of great music that I would like to thank you. I wish you were excellent as long as you keep doing it, and I’m very happy again. Saludos desde Mexico. David

- You were the only radio that listened, and the only one that played what I really loved. I thank you for all the years of music that I heard, for all the times that I had the opportunity to hear a new sound. goth-n-metal even out of the air will be forever in my favorites ... Thanks.  Ricardo (Brasil)

- I find myself coming back here to you day after day... hoping that you continue... You suffered a great loss and you deserve to take your time.... So much was already written how unique this station was... The big wish is of course that you can find a way to continue - maybe some other listeners have ideas or know somebody else who could help? Or maybe you can just repeat the old programs from the last year? Wish ypu all the best and thanks a lot for the great music you played here - Lars (Germany)

- My name is Marian from Ukraine. I love music. I think that music is the one of most important things in our life.    One day I've heard your radio station, you have a great variety of fine songs and useful programs. Needless to say, that I continue listening to your radio station through the internet. With sincerity I want to say that you are one of the best!

- Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio. Alina (Russia).

- Many thanks for Polish music and for music from Kraków, my city !!! Thanks for Cemetery of Scream and for Lacrima's "Old Man's Hands" You are my beloved radio !!!! Joanna

- I love music. I think that music is the one of most important things in our life. One day I've heard your radio station, you have a great variety of fine songs and useful programs. Needless to say, that I continue to listening your radio station through the internet. With sincerity I want to say that you are one of the best! Marian (Ukraine).

-  J’écoute souvent Radio 45 Tours car j’aime beaucoup ce genre de morceaux. Depuis quelques jours il me semble que le choix des morceaux soit encore mieux: les chansons sont plus variées (on n'est plus en boucle comme je le ressentais avant). Merci à toute l’equipe. Surtout continuez comme ça. On vous aime. Vous êtes des rayons de soleil dans notre vie Merci encore. Dom


- Awesome: Toni (Canada)


- Loving it. The Goth in me gets harder to repress everyday: Mr K.  (USA)


- I have been looking over the place to find somewhere i can hear my kind of music thank you: Nightmare (USA)




- I'd love to have a premium version of this awesome radio on 320kbps: Burak (Turkey)


- I love this!! Only just found it through itunes radio (of all places) xD and you play some great music. You should try some Wintersun! :D: Will (England)


- WOW. Ta station de radio est excellente. Merci beaucoup. Continue le bon travail. J'espère qu'elle va continuer d'exister longtemps. Excellente qualité! Charles (Canada, Quebec)


- I love your radio, I listen to it a lot on itunes and I was wondering if you could play join me in death by Him. Michelle (Scotland)


- Excellent, je revis ma jeunesse!!!! Jo B. (France)


- Super radio, j'adore, continuez.... François T. (France)


- Continuez votre bon travail. Chaque chanson est une perle. Tham (Scotland, Ecosse)


- I like GOTH'N'METAL. All the time I'm listening to it since January 2012. Thanx a lot for the great gothic metal music. Mahir (Germany)


 - Very nice radio which reminds me my best gothic parties in Paris. Thanks. Jeremy (Ireland)


- Excelente selección musical, disfruto mucho de sus trasmisiones.Saludos desde Treinta y Tres. Jorge Rodriguez (Uruguay)


- Perfect stream all day. Keep up the good work guys. Atacan (Turkey)


- I so love your station! Rock on. P. Michael (USA)


- Radio 45Tours is the best radio who plays french music nouvelle vague that I knew. Congratulations. Maria Lucia (Chile)


- I am listening to you from Argentine Pampas. You are the best. Enrique G. Super Oldies.


- Your music selection is very good. I love it. Take care and good luck! Hiram (USA) MOFM


-  Greetings from Ukraine! Let me thank, on my own and my colleagues working in the office of a small company, all employees of your radio, for the excellent work. All day I spend at the computer, often listen to your radio station. Always interesting to hear what is happening in neighboring countries. Hard working days, your radio is helping ordinary office manager to work out all week and on Friday evening when labor weekdays have been completed, your radio is helping to distract from the work....Sincerely your fan and admirer.  Thank you for your work. Stanislav.


- Finally I've found a station that plays everything from classical, jazz, disco, European, Caribbean, etc. Keep it up. Don Smith (Canada). Golden 50/70's Hits.


- Hi, I like very much your radio, specially Goth’N'Metal radio. In the part of "advert:radionomy", you have very goods songs, but don't appears the name of song, I’d like know the names of songs of advert:radionomy, please please please, Thank you. Luis (Brazil).


- Great station (Metal Power)! Listen to it all the time! Would be nice to hear some Sabaton, one of my favorite metal bands. Peace out from Harrison (Canada)!


- Just discovered MusicOnly FM. It's quickly become my favourite station. Thanks for the music. Alan (Canada).


- Your radio (Golden 50/70's Hits) is perfect. I love Oldies. Emanuel (Slovakia).


- I love your music on MusicOnly FM. Rolfe (USA).


- Listening from California.  Your Music Only station is so awesome I had to send you a message to say thanks!  I'm playing it in the background while I am working on my new keyboard studio.  I'm 48 years old and an instrumental composer/keyboardist/pianist and your choices are inspiring - and really cool variety.  Thanks for doing this.  All the best! Patrick (USA).


 - I listen to Radio Goth'N'Metal for a change of Polish metal radio HMA and I love Your station. You have helped me discover a lot of excellent music groups, like I Miss My Death, Mourning Crimson & Madness Of The Night ( incredibly beautiful "Jephanie" - I heard it from You) . I love you too for presenting Polish bands like: Cemetery of Scream or Deathcamp Project.

Had it not been Your radio, I just do not recognize neither a nev CD Diabulus in Musica nor "Legacy" Ruined Conflict - both very beatiful.
I love most of the groups that host in Goth'N'Metal on the air, from Leaves'Eyes to Powerwolf, from Fields of rhe Nepfilim to Dimmu Borgir , and some of them I loved thanks to You. Thanks. Joanna (Poland).


- Congratulation to the new homepage! Since I found the Radio Stations Metal Power and Goth'n Metal I don't listening anything else. I like to hear more songs from Valerian, an indonesian Metal Band that I've heard first time on Metal Power. Thanks a lot and go on.... Bejay (Germany).


- Hello! Me and my friends really like your radio. We listen with great pleasure. Thank you for your good and quality programs. Keep up the great work... Good luck and prosperity. Your fan Myroslav (Ukraine).

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