Biographie des groupes A-M


Mortemia est un groupe Norvégien métal gothique créé en 2009 par Morten Veland , le fondateur de Tristania et siréniens . Le 6 juillet 2009, le groupe a annoncé qu'il avait signé avec Napalm Records . Le premier album du groupe, intitulé Misere Mortem , est sorti en février 2010. Une chanson de l'album, "The One I Once Was", a été publiée sur la page MySpace du groupe le 17 janvier 2010. L'album a été enregistré chez Veland's Audio Avenue Studios à Stavanger , Norvège et Sound Suite Studios en France . Il a été produit, conçu et mixé par Veland lui-même.


Draconian was formed in 1994 in Säffle, Sweden. In May 1994, drummer and vocalist Johan Ericson, bassist and vocalist Jesper Stolpe and guitarist Andy Hindenäs assembled the band Kerberos, initially playing melodic death metal with black metal influences. Seven months later, lead vocalist and lyrics composer Anders Jacobsson joined the band, and its name changed to Draconian.

Their first demo, Shades of a Lost Moon, was recorded in 1995. The demo counted with flutist and vocalist Jessica Eriksson, keyboardist and vocalist Susanne Arvidsson and with a special participation of Andreas Haag on the introductory section of “My Nemesis”. It was released in February, 1996. However, no recording contract was obtained. In early 1997, the band proceeded to record their second demo, entitled In Glorious Victory. ​The band, however, became discontent with the quality of the recording and discontinued the release. In the following months, two members of Draconian had to complete their military service, slowing down the progress of the band. Their rehearsals, however, continued to some degree.

Susanne Arvidsson left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced in 2001 by Lisa Johansson.

Both in 1998 and 1999, the band did some gigs. After receiving positive reactions, they decided to enter the studio once more. In August 1999, Draconian recorded The Closed Eyes of Paradise, an album dealing mostly with the theme of Lucifer and his fallen angels. Susanne Arvidsson made guest vocal appearances on this release. Between May and June 2000, Andreas Karlsson, Anders Jacobsson, and Johan Ericson worked on the recorded material, improving the mix of the instruments and correcting effects. The demo was then released in the face of further line-up changes – Andy Hindenäs left the band, replaced by Johan Ericson who switched to guitars; drums were then left to Jerry Torstensson.

"Dark Oceans We Cry" was recorded in 2002, featuring the vocal talents of Lisa Johansson for the first time. The EP was made available on the internet, as well as in CD format. In spite of the recent line-up changes, the demo received outstanding reviews and the band signed a long-awaited record deal with Napalm Records. The band recorded their debut album, Where Lovers Mourn in Studio Mega under the supervision of Chris Silver (former member of Sundown and Cemetery) in July 2003. Just two years later, under the direction of  Pelle Saether, Draconian entered Studio Underground in Västerås to record Arcane Rain Fell in 2005.

- In 2006 they began working on their third release. However, due to myriad fan requests, the band decided to first deliver a bonus album to include remakes of old tracks from The Closed Eyes of Paradise demo. The Burning Halo would also include three new tracks and two covers. Plagued by numerous problems throughout the production phases, the album was delayed and finally completed in June and released in September 2006.

In September 2007, Draconian started to record their 4th album Turning Season Within at the Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, with producers Jens Bogren and David Castillo (Opeth, Katatonia) The album was released in February, 2008.

In October 2010, it was announced  that Draconian had entered the studio to start recording their new album, stating that a release could be expected in spring 2011. The album was mastered on April the 1st 2011, confirmed by an official forum post by J. Ericson. The album will, according to the band, have a style closer to their older albums, incorporating violins in some of its tracks. In December, the band announced that they would be playing at the Metal Female Voices Fest IX, taking place in October 2011.

On June 24th, 2011, Draconian released their new album A Rose for the Apocalypse. On June 25th, 2011, the band also released an official music video from the album A Rose for the Apocalypse for the song “The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight.”

On November 15th, 2011, Lisa Johansson left the band due to personal reasons, mainly spending time home with her family.

On September 19, 2012 the band officially announced their new female vocalist: Heike Langhans


Enshine (Sweden/France) is an atmospheric metal project that got its start in 2009 under the hand of Jari Lindholm (guitars, ex-Slumber, Atoma). Soon enough he teamed up with Sebastien Pierre (vocals) of Fractal Gates and Inborn Suffering fame, with Oscar Borgenstam (drums) and Siavosh Bigonah (bass) completing the recording line-up. Origin was over two years in the making and the production of the album was finished in the summer of 2012. After that, the band started searching for a label and finally teamed up with Rain Without End Records in December 2012. With their debut album, Enshine present the listener a charming atmospheric metal journey full of lovely melodies and brisk ambient soundscapes. The album sounds like a perfect mix between Pierre's Fractal Gates (melodic death metal) and Lindholm's ex-band Atoma (atmospheric metal), as an airy and meditative atmosphere collides with tasteful melodic riffs. A musical exploration of the world within" is the tagline the album is being promoted with, and it couldn't be more accurate, as Origin is a metal album for the thinking man.

Cold Insight (Paris, France) is the solo project of Sebastien Pierre (Fractal Gates, Enshine, Inborn Suffering, former Lethian Dreams ...). A first self-produced album named Further Nowhere was released in 2013, followed in 2015 by Various Tracks ...


Edenian The band was formed in Kharkov, Ukraine in 2010, under the great influence of such bands as: Draconian, Doom:VS, Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, Katatonia and early stuff of Tristania, Sirenia and Xandria. Firstly, the band carried the name Eternia.
Band consists of two main members (Max "Eternal Tom" Molodtsov - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum-programming, music, lyrics & Valerie Chudentsova - Vocals, music) and other live musicians as George Muratti (Vocals), Dmitry Koval (Guitar) & Alexey Zhurba (Bass Guitar).


Epica (Netherlands) The world of symphonic metal is all about big ideas and high standards, but few bands have taken this most bombastic of genres to such momentous creative heights as EPICA. Formed in the Netherlands in 2002, these perennially dynamic masters of sonic opulence swiftly grabbed the world’s attention with their 2003 debut album, The Phantom Agony. With a fresh and vital sound that struck a sublime balance between orchestral grandeur and pure heavy metal grit, EPICA’s music showcased the compelling contrast between singer, Simone Simons’s soaring vocals and guitarist, Mark Jansen’s guttural growls; between Isaac Delahaye’s unstoppable core of scything riffs and keyboard maestro, Coen Janssen’s intricate, hugely cinematic arrangements and embellishments. All of this backed by a powerful tandem: Ariën van Weesenbeek blasting his drums and Rob van der Loo providing tasteful low end.

The lyrics, too, made EPICA stand out from the crowd, as they eschewed the traditional symphonic trope of fantasy and began to explore and dissect notions of philosophy, science and spirituality. By the time they released 2005’s grand evolutionary step, Consign to Oblivion, the Dutch sextet were widely regarded as the genre’s brightest hope and international success was in their grasp.

The decade that followed has seen EPICA grow from plucky contenders to their current status as symphonic metal heavyweights with a huge and ever-expanding worldwide following. With each successive album, the band has made huge creative progress while consistently delivering stage shows and performances of overwhelming power and grandiloquence.

From the dark religious exploration of The Divine Conspiracy (2007), over the intense musical journey of Design Your Universe (2009), to an impassioned and political Requiem For The Indifferent (2012), and on to the brave curiosity and breathtaking depth of their last album, The Quantum Enigma (2014), EPICA’s upward ascent has been both commercial and artistic: a testament to many years of hard work, fierce determination, and the relentless pursuit of musical dreams.

It’s now 2016, with EPICA poised to unveil their greatest masterwork to date. Their seventh full-length studio effort, The Holographic Principle marks a significant upping of the musical ante for the most adventurous of modern bands.


Countless Skies (England) burst onto the modern metal scene with their debut self-titled EP in late 2014. Blending progressive and darkly intense music influenced by their Scandinavian melodeth heroes, the EP began a flood of shows up and down the UK. After winning the Bedfordshire 'Metal to the Masses' competition, they secured a slot on the New Blood stage at the UK’s No1 independent metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air 2015. Building upon their rapid momentum, they continue their conquest of the UK and will release their debut full-length later this year through Kolony Records. With a tremendous start, the future looks bright for Countless Skies. 

Though Countless Skies exploded on the British music scene last year with their EP, the band goes back to its first guise as Hatespire which began in 2009. Formed by long-time friends Ross King and James Pratt, the pair created a three-track demo of intense and ravenously dark music infused by Scandinavian inspirations, the beginnings to what we have now.

Skipping forward to last year, Countless Skies poked real attention with their four-track EP, which in turn opened fresh opportunities on the live scene for the band across the UK. They won the Bedfordshire ‘Metal to the Masses’ competition and earned a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2015 in its wake too whilst ahead of their first album scheduled for early 2016, the quartet of vocalist/bassist Phil Romeo and drummer Nathan Robshaw alongside vocalist/guitarist King and guitarist Pratt, uncage Solace and a teaser for their album which certainly gets the job done. The song opens on an acoustic caress which swiftly has ears and thoughts involved, especially as the elegance of keys joins in with a subsequent heavier and darker wash of imposing tempting. Musically the song continues to seduce with melodic radiance within increasingly volatile air whilst raw, growling vocals add contrasting malevolence and causticity. For whatever reason, the coarse lure of vocals found a less successful reception with the appetite compared to the epically aired and feverishly inventive nature of the sounds but the clean roars midway into the encounter certainly hit the spot upon their emergence. As ever personal tastes get involved in all things whilst allowing sight of what will appeal to numerous others, and all aspects of voice and hostile throat expulsions will certainly find welcome reactions with a great many more for sure.

The fascinating sounds continue to flow and explode through ears, the song varying its scenery and design with constant frequency and ease as guitars and keys bewitch in a just as pungent dramatic union within an uncompromising rhythmic cage. Bands like Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium are suggestions as Solace provides escape for and trespass on body and emotions whilst laying sizeable bait to band and impending album for fans and newcomers alike. Their last EP raised a stir but expect bigger eruptions as Solace grips ears.


Mechina is an American industrial-death-metal band from Chicago, Illinois (USA) created in 2004 by David Holch and Joe Tiberi. They have no record label and are completely self-funded. Their wall of sound is primarily created on the computer by mixing symphonic, electronic, and traditional instruments. For this reason, Mechina is not a touring band. Even without the scifi-themed lyrics, Mechina's mixing of symphonies with electronic and heavy metal sounds has led some fans to refer to their style of music as "Mass Effect Metal", a reference to the series of video games. They have their own original and unique style of playing music in this genre.


Dark Tranquillity is a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Starting in 1989 named Septic Broiler, they have had a fairly stable line-up from the beginning, unlike many bands in the genre.
In 1993, Anders Fridén, the original lead vocalist, left the band to join In Flames. Mikael Stanne, formerly playing rhythm guitar became the vocalist, with Fredrik Johansson taking over the guitars. Mikael also recorded vocals with In Flames. However, contrary to popular belief, he was never a full member of that band; he was a session vocalist and sang to help out the members of In Flames.
In 1998, before the release of the album Projector, Johannson left the band. Keyboardist Martin Brändström and bassist Michael Nicklasson were added to the line-up, and Martin Henriksson switched to the guitar. This album was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award. Their next albums were Haven (2000), Damage Done (2002), Character (2005) and Fiction (2007).
In 2008, Michael Nicklasson departed and Daniel Antonsson joined the band as full time bassist.
Dark Tranquillity is known to be a pioneer of the Gothenburg Metal sound alongside bands such as At the Gates and In Flames. Anders Jivarp has been the drummer since the band was formed.


Dreadful Shadows is a German Gothic metal band, formed in 1993 in Berlin. Initially part of the Gothic rock and Dark Wave movement, the band had developed considerably by the time of the release of their debut album, incorporating metal elements and modern electronics, causing the band to be considered part of the Gothic metal genre.

Dreadful Shadows disbanded in 2000 to work on separate projects.

Sven Friedrich (the singer of Zeraphine) and the Dreadful Shadows, launched their solo project "Solar Fake" which is a pure electro project. It brings what Friedrich describes as pulsating sequencers, driving beats and sometimes wild and aggressive vocals with intensive melodies and melancholic moments. 


Lacrimas Profundere is a doom metal, and now a gothic rock, band from Germany. The band was founded in 1993 by guitarist Oliver Schmid. At the time, the band was strongly influenced by doom metal, and made use of feminine vocals and classical elements. With the entrance of vocalist Anja Hötzendorfer, they drew enough attention to themselves to be able to record their debut, entitled …and the Wings Embraced Us, which was released in 1995 and was followed by La Naissance d’un Rêve, from 1997. After said releases, the band was granted a deal with Napalm Records which included five albums. An harpist was added to the band’s line-up and they proceeded to record Memorandum (1999). Burning: A Wish from 2001 was Lacrimas Profundere’s first album to receive attention from the international specialized press. This album featured the removal of the band’s classical elements to some degree, and was also the first time they employed baritone vocals, supplied by Oliver’s brother, Christopher Schmid.

Their first international tour then began, including countries of Europe and Latin America. Lacrimas Profundere’s subsequent albums were Fall, I Will Follow from 2002 and Ave End from 2004. Recently their newest albums has been brought in the shops: Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts. Again, the formula of heavy guitars and the low smooth voice of the lead singer brings a nice soothing sound.In 2007 there occurred some line-up changes, including the departure of the vocalist Christopher Schmid (who aleged stress problems to leave the band). The only founding member is now the guitarist Oliver Nikolas Schmid. A new album titled “Songs for the Last View” was released in May 2008 (with the new line-up, including new vocalist Rob Vitacca). In the end of April 2010 the bands releases their new album, “The Grandiose Nowhere”.


Amorphis is a Finnish progressive metal, and formerly Death/Doom band started by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen in Helsinki, Finland in 1990.

Amorphis absorbed and incorporated influences from many metal genres, and with time passing their sound evolved dramatically.

Initially, the band was a death metal act, but with time they have evolved into making music that is more classifiable as doom metal with folk influences, and, more recently, progressive metal and hard rock, utilizing increasingly complex arrangements and a less brutal sound.

Amorphis is also well known for their use of the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, as a source for their lyrics.


Moonspell was formed in Brandoa, Portugal, in the middle of 1989 under the name Morbid God. The frontman of the band was already from the beginning Langsuyar, or Fernando Ribeiro as his real name is. He wrote all the band’s lyrics and also created a new original sound by mixing elements of black metal, gothic music and classic heavy metal.

Langsuyar means vampire and was adopted from the babylonian tradition where it represented a creature that attacked during the night. In the early days of the band they had stronger black metal influences since most of the members came from that scene but they have later adopted more of a mellow gothic rock sound, a little similar to Lacuna Coil and the likes.

The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal. On November 2, 2006, Moonspell won an MTV Europe Music Award in the category of Best Portuguese Act...


Crematory A German Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal band formed in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1992. The German Crematory broke up in 2001 and reformed in 2003 to release the album Revolution, a largely progressive effort which brought the band into more accessible/techno-metal territory than ever before. Their sound has often been compared to early-Sentenced, Fear Factory, and Dark Tranquillity. The band received its earliest recognition in the mid-1990s by touring with My Dying Bride, Tiamat and Atrocity. Much like the latter two groups, the band had begun as traditional death metal, then evolved with an industrial music and gothic metal musical direction on later albums. The band would receive heavy rotation on MTV Germany, and would also make appearances at various extreme metal festivals, including Germany’s Wacken Open Air in the years 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2008, in addition to inclusion on Nuclear Blast compilation samplers.

The band re-signed to Massacre Records in 2006 after a 10 year stint with Nuclear Blast; Massacre had been the band’s first label. Active for almost 20 years (with a brief split between 2001 and 2003) they are among one of Europe’s longest running bands affiliated with the gothic metal genre...


Little Dead Bertha is from Voronezh (Russia), founded in march 1994 with following members: Sergey Galushko - guitars, Alexander Romashov - vocal, Jury Sveshnikov - bass. After change of several drummers the group stand their  choice on Dmitry Paltsev. So the group began to work under their first material in thrash-metal style. It has been recorded two rehearsal demos (all about 45 min.), then the group has headed back for doom-metal. The second guitarist Stanislav Chursin and Veronica Belyaeva - violin and vocal has adjoined to the band. In July, 1995 was recorded the first two-songs demo "The Reflection About Angels", then take away in army Jury (august) and after that Alexander leaves the group (october).

The new bass -guitarist Alexey Skorovarov has come. And the vocalist Dmitry Zamaruev is appeared only in February 1996. In this line-up since November 1996 till April 1997 was recorded the "In Memorium Premortis" album (9 tracks, 47 min.).

This demo is issued on MC on Moscow label HOBGOBLIN Rec. In November 1997, line-up increases up to seven persons with arrival Maria Sotnikova - keyboards.​ In the beginning of July 1999, the band has recorded the new program "Two sides…" (10 tracks, 61 min.). This material is sustain also in doom-metal style, but became more vigorous and melodious, that has allowed musicians to get rid of the comparisons with MY DYING BRIDE, and also more technical and professional by way of a sound. During the work above an album, a crisis was started in a band, which has resulted in Stanislav, Alexey, Dmitry's Z. and Maria leaving. Having remained together, Sergey and Dmitry P. begin search of new musicians. Jury has come back from army, and joined to band again. Later, Dmitry Z. comes back too. The line-up is completed with Tatyana Vojtenko - keyboards (January 2000). The "Two sides…" album is issued on MC on HOBGOBLIN rec in September, 2000.

The band has decides to reduce the name up to BERTHA and starts to work above a new material in line-up: Sergey (guitars), Dmitry Z. (vocal), Jury (bass), Dmitry P. (drums), Tatyana (keyboards), and also Svetlana Hodyakova (back vocal). Work above an album proceeded two years and has been finished in December 2002. Such long term has been connected to search of new sound in the updated structure, and as different unforeseen circumstances (the computer with almost mixed material has been stolen from the studio).

Music of a new album (14 track, over 67 min.) is sustained in style gothic-metal. In July 2003, the new album "Light And Shadows" has been released on VALIANT MUSIC Prod. on CD. In September 2003 the group is return the old name Little Dead Bertha. At the February 2004 the "Two sides…" is reissued on CD on STYGIAN CRYPT Prod....


Empyrium is a German symphonic folk/doom metal and (later) neofolk/dark folk band.The band was founded in 1994 by Markus Stock (mostly using the pseudonym Ulf Theodor Schwadorf) and Andreas Bach, but later many other participated. The band draws inspiration from nature as some of the album titles reveal. Consequently, Empyrium are often referred to as a dark folk or apocalyptic folk band, expressing in their music (most conspicuously in the last two albums) sentiments akin to those expressed by some other 'legislators' of the genre, as Forseti, Orplid, and Ulver (Kveldssanger). Connoisseurs of dark folk will mention that many of Empyrium's compositions are true representatives of the genre, as, for instance, Dying Brokenhearted, The Shepherd and the Maiden Ghost ("Where At Night..."), Heimwärts, Waldpoesie, Die Schwäne im Schilf ("Weiland"). Intricately woven and always impregnated with an exquisite wistfulness or profound, remorseful sadness (Dying Brokenhearted), these compositions may be regarded as a manifesto of the dark-folkloristic gloomy and pantheistic Weltanschauung.

The lyrics are mostly in English, though in Weiland only German is performed. Like the Norwegian black metal band Burzum, Empyrium also used Theodor Kittelsen's drawing on one of their album covers (Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays).

Their first two albums, A Wintersunset and Songs of Moors and Misty Fields, following a demo entitled ...Der wie ein Blitz vom Himmel fiel..., can be considered doom metal (or, as some will argue, folk metal) with folk and symphonic influences. They combine harsh and operatic male vocals, with deep slow guitar parts and atmospheric sounds.

The following two albums, Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays and Weiland are acoustic, display a constantly heavier neofolk influence. Instead of keyboards, the band switched to acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars, violins, cellos and the flute. Operatic male vocals are still used, and in Weiland the band uses choir vocals and the piano. Though the music still remains dark and melancholic, Empyrium's music has largely moved away from heavy metal. Many people consider these two albums to be the apex of Empyrium's skill and some accomplishment of the band's - or rather Schwadorf's goal. After their 2002 album, Weiland, the band decided to stop recording. As Schwadorf himself put it,

Empyrium has explored nature-mystics since 1994, and after 8 years we feel to move on and made a glorious farewell to the concept with "Weiland"

In August 2006, Empyrium's label, Prophecy Productions, announced publicly for the first time that a new album was going to be released in late November the same year. Retrospective, it is a look back on the history of the band. Aside from ten remastered tracks from their previous albums, it contains a re-recorded version of The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence from the album A Wintersunset, as well as two new tracks in the neofolk style of late Empyrium (Der Weiher and Am Wolkenstieg). The sixty-page booklet provides an extensive account of the musical influences of the band, and how Empyrium has changed over the years. The album leaked onto the Internet in early November 2006.

On September 17, 2010, Prophecy Productions and Schwadorf personally announced that the band had reunited and revealed plans to release a new album soon, beside contributing to the label's upcoming v/a compilation Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings...


Graveworm Originating from Bruneck, Italy, Graveworm are a melodic/symphonic black metal band with influence of gothic metal. They were formed in 1997, and are themed towards sadness, death, love and occult.

Even before Graveworm released any demo they got signed by Serenades Records, who saw an incredible show of the band close to their hometown Brunico. A demo was produced straight after, featuring classic hymns like “Eternal Winds” or “When The Sky Turns Black”, which were featured on their debut album “When Daylight’s Gone”. A great album, even more in the Gothic Metal vein, which increased a huge interest within the scene. A tour with Crematory, Therion & Lake of Tears followed and proved the enormous power the band creates on stage. Shortly after the tour the MCD “Underneath The Crescent Moon” followed, featuring the bands hymn “Awaiting The Shining”, as well as the classical version of the track “Awake” sung by Sarah Jezebel Deva (CoF and Therion), who became close friends with the sympathic Italians after their tour. A video for the track “Awaiting The Shining” was produced, featuring a documentation done by national Italian TV, who made a road report about the band when they played the Serenades Records festival along with Haggard....

Graveworm soon became popular, played the Wacken Festival in 1998 and started the songwriting for their second album “As The Angel Reached The Beauty”, released in 1999. A German tour with Mystic Circle, Stormlord and Suidakra was done, followed by an European tour together with Agathodaimon and Siebenbürgen, as well as festival shows at the “Wave Gotik Treffen” and others.
In 2001 “Scourge Of Malice” was released, featuring their most brutal material, including the Iron Maiden cover, “Fear Of The Dark”, which was released on the “Tribute To The Beast” compilation. A first headliner tour was played, supported by Vintersorg, Dornenreich and Darkwell, which turned out to be very successful. The band played the “Summer Breeze Festival 2001”, as well as a headliner show at the Italian “Badia Rocks” in 2002. Graveworm decided to sign with Nuclear Blast and started the production of their fourth album “Engraved In Black”.
The record was produced in March/April at Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and others), who did an incredible job once again. “Engraved In Black” became an even heavier and more intense record compared to the band previous ones, but still with all typical Graveworm trademarks. Vocalist Stefan Fiori screams and growls as if his life would be in danger. Tracks like “Legions Unleashed” or “Renaissance In Blood” are among the best tracks ever written by the italian band. Once again Graveworm did another cover-versions, “It’s A Sin” of the 80’s Pop act Pet Shop Boys and “Losing My Religion”, originally by R.E.M.
In 2005, they released record (N)Utopia.
At 2007 Graveworm releases another album called “Collateral Defect” with one cover, “I Need A Hero”, originally by Bonnie Tyler…


Madness Of The Night (Abir Blackshadow & Daniel Dante) is a swedish group, formed in 2011. He draws influences from a diverse range of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance and The Cult. Their music has a foreboding, dark and ominous vibe to it and singer Abir Blackshadow offers a unique vocal style to the songs. She’s got the type of voice that fans will either love or hate, but once you hear it you can’t ignore it. Now, on to the songs; in all there are 11-tracks including two remixes. The songs maintain a Gothic style with hints of electronic and alternative metal. Highlights include: The opening track “Oppression”, “We Are Gothrockers and We Don’t Care”, “She is the Demon” and the inspiring “Stand Up” which for me, was hands down the best song.

Lithos Sarcophagos is a one man project by Daniel Dante. He is a member of the swedish Gothic Rock band Madness of the Night and an ex member of Soulgrinder. Lithos Sarcophagos started 2013 with the idea to make something more dark, traditional Gothic Rock with a blend of Black/Doom Metal. 26 of January 2014 there was the first release, the ep Myself – MMXIV


Leaves’ Eyes is a symphonic metal band with folk metal elements from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany. The band assembled in 2003, shortly before singer Liv Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy. Leaves’ Eyes currently consists of Liv Kristine (female vocals), Alexander Krull (male vocals, programming), Mathias Röderer (guitars), Thorsten Bauer (guitars), Alla Fedynitch of Enemy of the Sun and Eyes of Eden (bass), and Seven Antonopolous (drums & percussion). Former members include Martin Schmidt (drums, left in 2004), Chris Lukhaup (bass, left in 2007), and Moritz Neuner (drums, left in 2007).
Leaves’ Eyes was formed by Liv with her husband, Alexander Krull, and members of his band, Atrocity. The band combines atmospheric metal and classical elements. The vocals of Liv Kristine are occasionally backed up by death growls from Alexander Krull.

Their debut album, “Lovelorn,” was released in 2004. The second album, “Vinland Saga,” was released 30th of May 2005, and retells the tale of the discovery of Vinland (i.e. North America) by Leif Erikson. The EP “Legend Land” was released on June 2, 2006 as a followup to Vinland Saga.
Liv Kristine created the band name, which is a homophone for the way “Liv’s Eyes” is pronounced by a Norwegian. “Leaves” is connected to nature, which has always been the biggest inspiration for her. Liv Kristine writes all of the lyrics for the band.

LEAVES’ EYES has always been a band of superlatives: the international group has toured on five continents, playing concerts in more than 50 countries. Their live shows are spectacular events with breathtaking stage scenery, including a Viking ship or even the “Swords In Rock” monument from singer Liv Kristine’s home town. On their studio albums, the band has constantly followed the steps of classical composers from the past. Debut “Lovelorn” (2004) lead them first for subject matter, to Norway, home country of former vocalist Liv and full of myths and legends. The concept effort made the musicians’ wonderment at Scandinavia’s vast nature graspable and later this found its continuation with 2005’s “Vinland Saga”, whose story told of the Viking’s exploration of America and its result. The success was immediate, as the album (and its hit single “Elegy”) remained in the charts for four weeks. What’s more, from that point on all LEAVES’ EYES releases would follow that same tradition and achieve high chart positions, whether it was the orchestral metal opus “Njord” (2009), impressively remembering the Vikings’ exploration of all parts of the world, or the complex “Meredead” (2011), which delved into tales of Scandinavian legends, connected to life, death and the power of the ocean. LEAVES’ EYES effortlessly combine traditional folk, mystic sounds of the past and a symphonic orchestra with brutal, metal rawness, and this was no truer than when, for their 10th anniversary, the band released the highly-acclaimed “Symphonies of the Night”, an album which features all their traditional trademarks, turned into a sweeping metal opera.

With their new monumental epic “King Of Kings”, the band now further justifies their leading position as a compass in the genre and re-awakes the thousand-year legend of Norway’s first king, ‘Harald Fairhair’, in the process. Again this band prove their amazing talent of capturing sagas and legends of the past and truly making them come alive in the here and now. Welcome the Vikings!

In 2016, Elina Siirala was invited to join Leaves' Eyes to replace departing singer Liv Kristine. She is a Finnish soprano and vocal coach. She is known as the founder and front woman for the English melodic metal band EnkElination.


After Forever was originally assembled in 1995, under the name Apocalypse. They were originally a death metal cover band with harsh male vocals. With the joining of vocalist Floor Jansen in 1997, their style and sound shifted towards symphonic metal, in order to give emphasis to her soprano voice, in contrast with the grunts and screams provided by Sander Gommans and Mark Jansen.Their line-up at this point comprised Floor Jansen, Mark Jansen, Sander Gommans, Luuk van Gerven, Jack Driessen and Joep Beckers. In 1997 the band began composing their own songs, and in 1999 they changed their name to After Forever and recorded two demos entitled Ephemeral and Wings of Illusion, which drew the attention of the Dutch Transmission Records label, with whom the band signed a contract.

- Their debut album Prison of Desire was recorded in 2000, featuring the guest appearance of Sharon den Adel of the Dutch band Within Temptation on the song "Beyond Me". The album obtained very good reviews in Europe. By the end of the year, drummer André Borgman and keyboardist Lando van Gils joined the band, replacing Joep Beckers and Jack Driessen.

During the year 2000, Floor Jansen was invited to guest sing in Ayreon's Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer album. Ayreon is the most successful of the many projects by Dutch guitarist Arjen Anthony Lucassen and that album is only the first of many other collaborations with Floor Jansen.

- In 2001, the band released the album Decipher, which featured for the first time live classical instruments and a live choir. The complex arrangements of the new compositions pushed After Forever's music even more towards the symphonic metal genre.

In 2002 Mark Jansen, one of the main composers and founder of the band, was fired from After Forever and subsequently assembled the band Epica, where he continued to pursue the combination of symphonic metal with death metal elements, already present in the first two albums by After Forever. He was replaced by Bas Maas, who had been a roadie for the band for years. In 2003, the new line-up of After Forever released the EP and DVD Exordium.

- In 2004, the concept album Invisible Circles was released. The album, that deals with childhood traumas and abuse, introduced progressive metal elements to the music of After Forever and the use of a clean male voice. The album reached No. 24 in the Dutch Top 100 musical chart. In the same year, Lando van Gils also left the band and was replaced by Joost van den Broek, a keyboard player that Floor Jansen had met during her tour with Star One, another project by Arjen Lucassen.

- In early September 2005, the band released their fourth album Remagine. The album was produced using pre-recorded drum tracks by André Borgman, who had to take a long leave of absence to cure his illness. The songs of the album are simpler and more straightforward than in the previous albums, preserving anyway the usual dual voice dynamic in the sound of the band.

- On March 3, 2006, the band left the Transmission Records label, due to the scarce promotion that the label was providing to their albums. Following this departure, Transmission Records released the Mea Culpa compilation, with plenty of rarities and B-sides. By October of the same year, After Forever had signed to the German label Nuclear Blast Records.

In the end of 2006 the band recorded their final and only album on the Nuclear Blast label, self-titled After Forever. It features guest appearances from Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters and Doro Pesch. Videos of the recording sessions were available for download on the band's website. The album was released on April 23, 2007.

- In January 2008, After Forever announced on their website, that the band would be taking a break of at least a year, mainly to assess the health problems of vocalist and guitarist Sander Gommans, who had been absent during most of the tour supporting the album After Forever. In an interview with Ragnarök radio, Floor said the band would get together early 2009 to discuss After Forever's future.

- On February 5, 2009, After Forever announced, that they decided to call it quits.[13] The long break, during 2008 and 2009, had made them realize, that they did not feel the passion towards the band any longer.

After the split up of the band, Sander Gommans published in 2009 the album System Overload with his solo project HDK and continues working as a high school art teacher. Floor Jansen started a new band called ReVamp and signed in 2010 a contract with Nuclear Blast for their first eponymous album, then from late 2012 to summer 2013 toured with Nightwish and later became the permanent lead singer of the band.


Amon Amarth The band emerged from the previous death metal band Scum, founded in 1988 by Paul "Themgoroth" Mäkitalo (Dark Funeral) on vocals, Olavi Mikkonen on guitar, Nico Mehra (aka Nico Kaukinen) on drums, Petri Tarvainen on bass and Vesa Meriläinen guitar.

After a 1991 demo, Scum broke up. Johan Hegg convinced the former members to reform, and Amon Amarth formed in 1992. Hegg replaced Mäkitalo on vocals, Anders Hansson joined on guitar, and Ted Lundström replaced Tarvainen on bass, recorded its first demo Thor Arise (1993). Raw and uneven in sound and execution, it was never officially released due to low quality standards, but the band caught the attention of extreme metal fans with its own "infectious brand of epic-sounding brutality and unadorned conviction". In 1994 another demo entitled The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter was recorded; this time 1,000 copies were indeed issued.

In 1996, it signed with Pulverised Records, on which it released its first MCD, Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds, which sold 6000 copies.

- They then signed with Metal Blade Records which released the debut album Once Sent from the Golden Hall. Described as "a compelling fusion of buzzsaw riff work, melodic harmonies and soul-crushing rhythms punctuated by Hegg’s callous black/death roar and accounts of Norse battles and treachery" it made sure Amon Amarth's popularity rose internationally. According to Allmusic, the song that bore the group's namesake was the most memorable, containing "the chaotic noises of battle, the screams of the dying, and much sword-clashing to boot." Since then they have performed at multiple Canada and US tours, festival appearances, eight music videos, and appearances in over 100 metal magazines.

In June 1998, as the band was about to commence a tour alongside Deicide, Six Feet Under and Brutal Truth, guitarist Anders Hansson left and was replaced by Johan Soderberg. After the tour Martin Lopez quit to join Opeth[4] and Fredrik Andersson (ex-A Canorous Quintet) came in. With him in Spring 1999 the band recorded and released its second full-length, The Avenger. The release was supported by the X-Mas Massacre Festivals Tour with Morbid Angel headlining.

The Crusher, released in 2001, was considered to be its most aggressive album. In support of it the band went on tour with Marduk and Vader, taking part in No Mercy Festival. its first American tour in autumn 2001 though had to be cancelled (due to the September 11 attacks) and was held later, in January 2002, without Marduk, Amon Amarth headlining. In April 2002 the band toured Europe with Vomitory and in August performed at Wacken Open Air before 12.000 metal fans. In Berno Studio, in Malmo, Versus The World was recorded and came out, The Viking Edition comprising a bonus CD which included demos Thor Arise and Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter. Touring continued up until spring 2004 when the band started working on Fate of Norns album which was released on 6 September 2004. The follow-up, With Oden on Our Side (2006), has shown (according to AllMusic) that "Amon Amarth continue to be champions of the worldwide death metal tournament"[5] and rose to number 26 in the US Top Independent album charts. The album's material though was not included in the DVD Wrath Of The Norsemen (the song of the same title would be found in the 2011 album) which was released in May 2006, having turned gold in US (platinum - in Canada) ever since.

In early January 2008, its first tour of Australia and New Zealand took place, supporting Dimmu Borgir, after finishing a US and Canadian tour with Sonic Syndicate and Himsa.

- Amon Amarth extended its record deal with Metal Blade Records for three more albums. After extending its record deal, the band released Twilight of the Thunder God, which featured guest appearances by Lars Göran Petrov of Entombed, Roope Latvala of Children of Bodom, and the cello metal band Apocalyptica. Accompanying the release of the album was an eight-page comic strip based on Norse mythology which was released by magazines in Europe. Twilight of the Thunder God which is considered its breakthrough album, reached number 50 in the US, number 6 in Germany, number 10 in Finland, number 11 in Sweden, number 14 in Austria, number 21 in Switzerland. It ended up at the number 7 position in Revolver Magazine’s Top 20 Albums that year.

Amon Amarth embarked on a North American headlining tour in October 2008, with support from Ensiferum, Belphegor, and The Absence. In 2009 the band returned to the States for another successful series of dates with Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch and Lazarus AD and later in 2010 with Holy Grail and Eluveitie. In between, Amon Amarth were named "Best Breakthrough Act" at Metal Hammer's prestigious Golden Gods Awards. The band also supported Slayer in its Unholy Alliance Chapter III European tour. Amon Amarth played its first show in India, headlining the Deccan Rock Festival in Bangalore on 5 December 2009.

On 30 November 2010, Amon Amarth confirmed its next album entitled Surtur Rising would be released in Spring 2011. The drums were recorded at Park Studios, while bass and guitars were recorded at Fascination Street Studios. On 27 January 2011 Metal Blade Records released the new album's first single, titled "War of the Gods", on YouTube. On 29 March 2011, Surtur Rising was released in North America. To support the album, the band embarked on a 4-month world tour with Children Of Bodom and Ensiferum, among others.

Amon Amarth performed at Wacken Open Air in 2012, Hellfest 2013, Download Festival 2013, Sweden Rock Festival and Mayhem Festival 2013.

On 25 June 2013 Amon Amarth released its ninth studio album, Deceiver of the Gods. The album cover, according to the band, depicted Ragnarök the last battle between the Æsir gods and Loki, accompanied by the army of the dead.

- On 19 March 2015 Amon Amarth posted on its Facebook page that it had parted ways with drummer Fredrik Andersson after 17 years of collaboration.

- The band released its 10th album Jomsviking on 25 March 2016. A session drummer, Tobias Gustafsson, was used for completion of the album.

From 22 March to 25 March, the band performed four intimate album release shows in London, Paris, Tilburg and Berlin, to mark the release of Jomsviking. They will also support Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies and Metal Church on the Dystopia tour in the United States in September and October 2016, and headline a tour in the UK and Ireland with Testament as special guests.

On 30 September 2016 Amon Amarth announced Jocke Wallgren is now the full time drummer.


Fields Of The Nephilim* are an English gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Carl McCoy, saxophonist Gary Wisker, Tony Pettitt on bass, guitarist Paul Wright and drummer Alexander "Nod" Wright. After the release of the debut EP Burning the Fields, Wisker left the band to be replaced by Peter Yates as second guitarist to what is widely known as the 'classic' line-up. The current incarnation of the band has released one authorized recording of new material and one double live album since 1990, but the group perform frequently, with Carl McCoy and Tony Pettit remaining from the original lineup.

The band's name refers to a Biblical race of giants or angel-human hybrids, known as the Nephilim. Although they have not received substantial mainstream success, the band's seminal sound has proved highly influential, especially in the genre of gothic rock.

In 1991, the band played their final gigs, a two-day 'Festival of Fire' in London. The final releases of this era are the live CD Earth Inferno and video Visionary Heads, followed by the compilation Revelations.

- Frontman McCoy left the band in 1991. The remaining members, together with singer Andy Delaney, chose not to continue with the "Fields of the Nephilim" name and recorded instead under the name Rubicon. The band released two albums before disbanding: What Starts, Ends in 1992 and Room 101 in 1995.

Meanwhile, McCoy formed a new group called Nefilim[10] recruiting guitarist Paul Miles, drummer Simon Rippin and bassist Cian Houchin. The band played some gigs in 1993, showcasing some of their new material. According to McCoy, the release of their debut album, Zoon, was held back for several years due to disagreements with the record label. Zoon was eventually released in 1996 and featured a distinctly heavier sound than McCoy's previous works.

- On 15 August 1998, McCoy and Pettitt held a press conference at the Zillo Festival in Germany, announcing their future plans to collaborate under two separate monikers, Fields of the Nephilim (along with the Wright brothers) and The Nephilim (an altered spelling of McCoy's solo project).

In May 2000, McCoy released "One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down)", the first Fields of the Nephilim single with their new label, Jungle Records. It contained newly worked versions of "Trees Come Down" and "Darkcell," both originally released on the Burning the Fields EP in 1984. Between June and August 2000, the band made four live appearances at European festivals, (now featuring former Nefilim members Rippin and Miles), appearing at Woodstage, Eurorock, Roskilde and M'era Luna music festivals.

- In 2002, Jungle Records and Metropolis Records released the first Fields of the Nephilim studio album since Elizium, entitled Fallen. The release was not authorised by the band, and consists of unfinished recordings from 1997-2001, the 2000 reworkings of "Trees Come Down" and "Darkcell", and a previously unreleased demo by The Nefilim. The release was disowned by the band for many years, and only one song from it, "From The Fire," has been performed live.

- Fifteen years after Elizium, McCoy released Mourning Sun, his fourth full-length studio album under the name Fields of the Nephilim. The album had seven original songs, with a cover version of Zager and Evans's "In the Year 2525" included as a bonus track on the first 5000 copies.

In interviews following the release of the album Mourning Sun, McCoy mentions collaborating other musicians but only John "Capachino" Carter is officially credited on the album.

- In 2006, some European venues announced a tour was to take place, although this was never officially confirmed by the band. In spite of high ticket sales, none of the gigs occurred. Through the band's official website, McCoy took pains to emphasize that he had at no time confirmed these dates with promoters or venues, and reiterated to fans that nobody should buy tickets for such events until they had heard official announcements through the band's website that such live performances were to go ahead.

- In May 2007, McCoy performed as Fields of the Nephilim for the first time in seven years, at the London Astoria with Gavin King on bass, Lee Newell on drums, and Gizz Butt and Steve Fox-Harris on guitars. According to the band's website, the event was filmed by video director Richard Stanley, who had directed videos for the original band's singles: however, it now unlikely as the footage was superseded by the "Ceromonies" concert recording. Since this concert, McCoy has performed approximately 50 times under the name Fields of the Nephilim at venues and festivals across Europe, with a changing roster of musicians around a core of King (since on guitar) and Newell (on drums). Highlights of this period included the band's biggest headline show to date at the 2008 M'era Luna Festival, where the 'Ceromonies' line-up performed in front of over 23,000 people.

Sacred Symphony released the DVD & Double CD box set as well as a double LP vinyl version of Ceromonies (Ad Mortem Ad Vitam) on 16 April 2012, consisting of recordings and footage from the two-night event held at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire in 2008. The vinyl version does not come with the live DVD. It was also released as a Collectible box set coming in a wooden box with the Ceromonies logo and title branded on the wooden lid. Tony Pettit rejoined the band in 2013 and has performed on stage as the band's bass player since then. The line-up is now completed by second guitarist Andy James, who previously played with Newell in Sacred Mother Tongue.

- On 1 July 2014, Carl McCoy announced that the band was back in the studio "...recording and compiling the most important elements created and gathered." In December 2014, the band debuted two new songs live onstage, "Earthbound" and "Prophecy"."Prophecy" was released as a single on the Sacred Symphony label available initially as download only on iTunes on 17 March 2016. The band confirmed that a physical release on both CD and vinyl, containing exclusive artwork and bonus material would follow. *Associated Acts: Rubicon, Nefilim, Last Rites, The Eden House.


Garden Of Delight (1991-1997, 2000-2008) was a German Gothic Rock band. Artaud Seth proclaimed that G.O.D. would produce seven albums in seven years with seven songs each – seven is a very powerful number and, in some arcane traditions, seven thrice is the number of perfection. The corpus of Garden of Delight cannot be viewed as individual albums or songs – they are all integral aspects of the whole plan that Artaud was consistently explicating. G.O.D. were heavily influenced by second-wave goth rock bands like “The Sisters of Mercy” and “Fields of the Nephilim”, certainly resembling their forerunners in terms of sound while often surpassing them conceptually. However, Artaud sneered at the notion that the Garden of Delight was a "goth" band. Though there was a certain degree of Sisters and FotN influence, Garden of Delight's music had an incredible diversity. Indeed, while all of their albums have had thematic consistency, their music changed greatly through the years.

The Garden of Delight were never content with a particular "sound." They adopted one, mastered it, synthesized it with something else, and then moved on. To firmly label the Garden of Delight would imply musical stagnation, which is quite far from the truth. After the release of the original seven albums, Artaud broke up the band in 1997. Three years later, he reunited it and again released a steady stream of albums, as usual dealing heavily with all kinds of occult and esoteric subject matter. In 2005 the band released the first of the three-album Lutherion cycle. Just after Lutherion III, the band released the album “Darkest Hour”, an album which bid farewell while revisiting the diversity of sounds the band had employed through its long career. G.O.D. performed its final concert late in 2008, and finally broke up for all time.

The successor to G.O.D. is Artaud's new band the “Merciful Nuns”, a project that explores much the same lyrical territory as Garden of Delight but is less experimental and bombastic in its sound.


Merciful Nuns are a gothic rock band from Berlin, Germany and the successor to Artaud Seth’s previous band "Garden of Delight". The group is strongly influenced by the more guitar-driven gothic rock bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Merry Thoughts, Fields of the Nephilim and gothic rock bands from the late 80's & early 90's. The band’s lyrical content deals with the occult, Thelema, ancient cultures/The Megalithic Age, and spiritual progression. The band consists of three members which are Artaud, Jawa and Jon. Their debut album “Lib. I” was released in 2010 followed by their E.P. titled “Body Of Light”. Their second album's (Hypogeum II) release date was set to January 28th, 2011; 12 August 2011 saw the release of the combined DVD/CD set "Infinite Visions", followed by the release of: Goetia IV & The Gathering (2012), Exosphere VI & Goetia V (2013), Meteora VII (2014), 400 Billion Suns (2015) and lately Thelema VIII (2016).


Dr. Arthur Krause was born in a café autumn 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden (the man behind this name was born much earlier) when he took a good look at the world. In 2001 Dr. Arthur Krause decided to form his own music project. All three members of a band called Pet Sematary became the Doctor AK band. Dr. Arthur Krause made some gigs and three selfproduced demo CDs: Maladjusted Abortion EP (2001), After Countless Troubles (2001) and Tribulations and Rare Flowers (2002). The demos were only made in 50 CD-Rs each, some sent as promo and some sold by the local record store called Dolores in Gothenburg. These demos later became rare collectors items. The main goal was to get a record deal. In late 2003 Dr. Arthur Krause signed up with the swedish record label M&A Music Art.

- First album 2004-2006. The debut album Before and After from 2004 was made with use of synthesizers, samplers, guitars, electric bass and the drummachine Yamaha RX5. The album was recorded on a eight-channel Roland VS-880 portable harddrive recorder. All songs were re-recorded tracks from the first demos. By the time of release both The Lady and Mr Lemon left the band. Peter Hageus joined and played his first gig with Dr. Arthur Krause at the release party along with a big doll made of paper on keyboards to fill the stage. Due to make live shows look like a real band was playing Dr. Arthur Krause searched for new members. In spring 2005 Fredrik Hell Thell an old friend of Dr. Arthur Krause joined the band on guitar. Soon after that a young man, the only 17 years old André Robsahm joined on bass. 4th of June 2005 they played live for the first time with the band at the 99festival. 2006 went out the be a year of recording a new album.

- Second coming 2007-2009. By the release of their second album "When Love Is Dead" back in 2007 four persons were involved in the production: Dr. Arthur Krause, André Robsahm, Fredrik ”Hell” Thell and Peter Hageus. The songs were about separations in different levels, from friends, a broken marrige and from life itself. This might be the perfect album with a drum machine and drive this further in a same way was no longer in mind. There were no clubs or events in Sweden by the time that was into live acts with gothic rock bands so Dr. Arthur Krause started a one day festival called Gothenburg Gothic Gathering (GGG) that lasted for five years. International acts like Coph Nia and Merciful Nuns played at the festival. GGG 2007 became the release gig for When Love is Dead. In mid 2008 Dr. Arthur Krause made some big changes, Peter left the band and Mattias ”Dr Fill” Axelsson joined on drums. The band was reformed to a full scale rock band.

- Solutions 2010-2013. With this new version of the band they started to record what later became thier third CD release. The 2010 album Solutions became the real breakingpoint with harder and darker sound. It is however very delicately blended with frail and breathtaking soundscapes – without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far. With this album the band was booked to the main stage at WGW 2011 along with legendaries like The Damned and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. This was the first gig outside Scandinavia and one of the greatest event and best gig Dr. Arthur Krause had done so far getting one with the audience from the first beat of Overdose to the closer The Final Solution.

- September 2016: "The Only Time She Moves" was released...


Be'Lakor is an Australian melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. The band's name originates from the character Be'lakor the Dark Master, in the Warhammer Fantasy game setting.

Be'lakor formed as a band in 2004, but didn't start playing live shows until 2005. In 2007, the band self-released their debut album, The Frail Tide, which received generally positive reviews. In 2008, Be'lakor signed with Descent Productions, and re-released The Frail Tide in digipack form. In 2009, Be'lakor embarked on a national tour, and signed with Prime Cuts Music. Their second album, Stone's Reach, was released on 20 June 2009 and received much praise by reviewers. In November 2009, Be'lakor signed with Kolony Records. In March 2010, Be'lakor's album Stone's Reach took first place in Metal Storm's "Best Melodeath/Gothenburg Metal Album" for 2009. Be'lakor also supported Turisas on their national tour of Australia in May.

They were the opening act for Alestorm in Melbourne for their "PLUNDER DOWNUNDER” tour in June 2010. The band also performed at the Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Germany in August 2010.

Be'lakor released their third album Of Breath and Bone in June, 2012. They began touring Europe, playing Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic. They also performed at the Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Germany during August 2012. They supported Apocalyptica in Melbourne during their 2012 Australia tour in September, and At the Gates in Melbourne during their tour in November. On September 21, 2015, the band announced that their fourth album would be released in March 2016. Later on December 29, drummer Jimmy Vanden Broeck left the band to pursue other musical ventures. He was replaced by Elliott Sansom, who previously worked with Melbourne-based bands Future Corpse, Okera and The Seaford Monster. On June 24, 2016, Be'lakor released Vessels, the band's fourth album.


Dead December is a Symphonic Metal band with a touch of doom and goth, from Avesta in Sweden. The band was formed by Johan Elfström in November 2010 as an idea to write and record four songs as a school project. Christoffer Bengts agreed to do the drums and later, in the summer 2011, Michael Johansson and Sebastien Martinsson joined the band. Alexander Borger joined the band during the first live show in Swedish competition: Livekarudellen.

The four songs were released as the EP "Awaiting Messiah" which can be found on Spotify and Soundcloud.


Autumn Woods group was created in may 2006, in Moscow by bass player Dmitriy «Botis» Bazanov (Sinister Frost, Needles Of Mind). Originally sounding of group was closer to classical doom metal, later in music of Autumn Woods appear the death elements, and further, according to opinion of some musical critics of melodic death metal, and even began to be shown by gothic doom.

Musicians consider that the main direction in which Autumn Woods works is death doom metal.

From the very beginning the structure of Autumn Woods wasn't constant: to group her different musicians joined and left, invariable was only a bass guitarist. Nevertheless, practically since the moment of the basis the team began to participate actively in concert activity, for a short period in clubs of Moscow and Moscow area Autumn Woods. In 2008 the constant place behind percussions is taken by the friend of the group Max Anatolich (Murderlust (ex-D.Anger), Ordalea, Boller, Electric Mosquitos, Noterday, Needles Of Mind...).

During the period from 2008 to 2011 AW are engaged in preparation of new tracks, actively participate in concerts and various metal-festivals, continuing, at the same time to feel different shocks, in connection with frequent change of structure. In 2009 the group is left by the guitarist Vladimir Dezhin (Needles Of Mind) who at the time of leaving has lost in group since 2007. He in 2010 is succeeded by Vyacheslav "Steve Adison" Avdeev (Ordalea, Arcane Grail and Skylord), the keyboard player who was earlier leaving group comes back. In this membership the team continues concert activity and, at the end of 2010, writes down demo.

2011 becomes year of huge changes for Autumn Woods. The group is left again by the keyboard player, after a while loses the vocalist.

Once again at team there comes "the black strip", record of full-fledged LP, but despite it is postponed for indefinite time, musicians of AW don't despond and start active search of new participants of the band. In the shortest possible time the guitarist of Alex Hunter (ex-S.W.O.R.N) and the vocalist of Spartak Crystalflame (Elnordia) become new participants of team. In this structure the group continues to act in the Moscow clubs during the period till 2012, continuing to experiment with use in the compositions of synthesizers, with the purpose to be defined that more suits a group sound: the parts performed by the "living" keyboard player or the programming of electronics which so popular now. Further searches of the constant vocalist continue. Dmitry "Botis" Bazanov, is forced to take periodically the place at a microphone rack not to stop concerts activity. However, despite constantly arising difficulties, Autumn Woods continue to prepare for record of the full-scale album.

On January 13, 2013, on a performance in the Moscow club "Rock House" AW present to admirers of the new participant of team-voiced Autumn Woods since this moment there is Nezz Black (ex-Intaglio). In May, 2013 the team played a concert in the Moscow club "Little Rock" with the ex-guitarist Vladimir Dezhin who comes to replacement of suddenly sick Vyacheslav Avdeev and comes back in band in a month, already on a constant basis, and as replacement to Alex Hunter who has decided to leave the group, the new guitarist of group, also on a constant basis, there is a Paul Vredes known for the participation in the Sinful group.    

2014 for Autumn Woods passes practically without concerts, in hard work over creation of new tracks and new arrangements of compositions which had to enter in debut album of group. In the course of work on the concept of sounding musicians have finally decided to refuse services of keyboard players, using exclusively programmable synthetic in their music.

2015 became very important for AW: having found at last stable membership of the group gets to work on an album, and between studio sessions stir up the concert activity: in the spring of 2015 of Autumn Woods successfully roll away VII Cemeteries TOUR across Russia, having won new admirers in Kursk, Tula, Bryansk, Belgorod, Voronezh and Oryol, and within SLOWLY DYING TOUR which has taken place in October 2015 and also visit St. Petersburg  one of the cult clubs "Horror Bar".

At the beginning of 2016 musicians of AW have continued work in studio, within 2 months in the Moscow studio IQ-Sound the voice has been recorded, further musicians have sat down at studio for all summer, having started note and to mastering of tracks.

On September 16, 2016 work on record and registration of an album has been fully complete and musicians of Autumn Woods have officially declared to the admirers that long-awaited LP of "Doomed By Loneliness" is ready to be issued – on October 20 in network the digital version of an album became available and already on October 25 2016 the release has been released by one of the most known Russian metal-labels of IROND Records.